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Special offer for  a 30-minute assessment consultation - regularly $75, now only $49. Deborah has helped thousands of clients reverse serious, degenerative, acute and chronic health conditions.  Learn how Deborah can help you! 

Deborah Barr  has decades of professional training and clinical experience She is one in a field of many who understands the relationship and connection between body, mind, emotions, and spirit; how they each impact the other; and how everything you choose from food, attitudes, lifestyle, relationships, environment, and life's work feeds and creates you and your life moment by moment.

Having Deborah as your health and happiness guide and partner will insure quicker results. You'll feel new optimism, confidence, and a can do attitude that helps you take the necessary recommended actions to reverse disease; create a healthy, fit body and mind; and a life you truly love. Your journey to better health and joyful abundant live will be a long, tedious one and cost you more without professional guidance.

Investing in yourself is the best prevention and treatment especially with the direction health care has taken. It's more important now than ever to be proactive and learn the skills for reversing disease and preventing future problems.

What is Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling?

Health problems are out of control do to the prevalence of health undermining factors common in our modern world. Most health conditions can be successfully eliminated or greatly improved  with a rational approach to nutrition, herbal medicines, stress transformation, and life-style modification in some cases.  Attitudinal healing can help eliminate the deeper causes of problems from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Holistic has recently gained great popularity.  However, it is greatly misunderstood, in part because Holistic is used loosely by many who have no training/experience in this modality.   Holistic means that everything is interrelated; you cannot separate the parts of you. Every choice you make affects your body, mind, emotions, spirit, finances, relationships, life’s work, and everything else in your life. Holistic is an approach that unifies all the parts of you and your personal environment.

Deborah’s Whole Health approach works with complete systems rather than dissection into parts. She treats mind, emotions, body, and spirit as a single system, each influencing the other, and impacting all aspects of your life.

All of your choices Matter

What you choose to eat, think, feel, and believe; how you relate to others; your life's work; and the rhythm of your life all impact your well-being. If some aspect of your health or life is not working as well as you would like, you have many options.

Incorporating therapeutic foods will benefit not only your body, but also your mind, emotions, and spirit. Perhaps you're more drawn to spiritual work such as meditation or attitudinal healing which will positively impact every aspect of your health and life. Or perhaps some coaching on work-life balance can bring you back to equilibrium. It doesn't matter where you begin. Now is the best time to make new choices to create a healthy, fit body, and a life you love.

Problems are an invitation to change

There are practical solutions to all the difficulties that you are facing, whether they are health, relationship, money, or lifestyle issues. You have far more control over your health and life than you realize. Your body and life are shaped by a variety of factors, internal and external.

Do you experience discomfort, unhappiness, uneasiness and pain because you do not have what you want?  Are you willing to stay where you are rather than risk change? The pain and discomfort come from the part of you that wants to stay as you are rather than opening up to the myriad of solutions that exist. Your issues may be about change. Most people focus on loss rather than all they have to gain by changing their choices--sadly so.

Staying in situations that are intolerable is easier working through  fear of the unknown. Intolerable situations are health and weight problems; jobs that do not fulfill you or bring you passion; lack of love, fun, joy, pleasure, and money; a stressful, pressured life; and no time for healthy self-care. At some level, keeping these problems is giving you a pay-off.

Deborah’s Whole Health approach has helped thousands of people create healthy fit bodies and minds, emotional harmony, and lives they love. If you're looking for the "quick-fix" or "magic bullet" approach, you will never achieve lasting results. This is not to say you won’t experience results quickly.  This depends on the severity of your problems, how long you’ve had them, and your current choices.

The foundation of Deborah’s philosophy is Holistic and based on 28 years professional training and clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Therapy, Holistic Health, Attitudinal Healing, and Spiritual modalities.  Click here for complete bio.

Counseling focuses on achieving vital health, energy, joy, peace and reaching life goals. Sessions take place in a supportive environment, and programs are tailored to meet your personal needs and goals. Learning to use natural remedies can prevent the expense of repeated visits to the doctor, protect you from the toxins of the modern day world, and prevent dependence on multiple drug therapy and surgery. Learn to integrate natural remedies into your life in a step-by-step approach for prevention and treatment.  Call 412.361.8600, send an email to or purchase an Introductory session here.

Sessions may include:

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Attitudinal Healing Facilitation
  • Personal & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Shiatsu Massage Therapy
  • Simple breathing and Corrective Exercises
  • Guided Imagery & Meditation
  • Holistic Weight Loss
  • Spiritual Development

Who benefits from counseling?

Deborah works with clients of all ages who are seeking safe, non-invasive, effective Holistic solutions for their health conditions.  Some of the conditions she has successfully worked with include: cancer, heart disease, thyroid issues, menopause, PMS, and other female problems, depression and other emotional problems, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, aids, hepatitis, nervous system disorders, infertility, hormonal problems, skin problems, diabetes & hypoglycemia, immune deficiencies, pain, weight problems, and other chronic, acute and degenerative illnesses.  Her youngest client has been 9 months and oldest, 95.

Many clients use her services to create a plan for gaining and maintaining balanced health and emotional harmony. Others, who are in good health, want a plan for prevention and aging without disease.  Still others want to place the emphasis on mental/emotional balance and spiritual centering in order to resolve lifestyle problems such as relationships, work-life balance, finances, stress, career issues, and other disharmonies.

If you'd like to experience better health, more joy, abundance, passion and fulfillment from life, and effective ways to reverse the many challenges of modern day living, Deborah’s Whole Person approach will benefit you.

Deborah creates custom programs based on all health conditions, constitutional strengths and weaknesses, lifestyle, age, activity level, and personal health and lifestyle goals.  There is no one-size-fits all solution for everyone to achieve the results they desire.  Strategies for radiant health must be customized based on the above factors if you want to achieve permanent results.  Deborah is one of the most qualified and experienced in the field of Holistic Healing and Nutritional Therapy in the country.


Why You’ll Benefit by Working with Deborah Barr

In recent years, Holistic Health has gained much popularity with a substantial increase in practitioners, many of whom have little or no professional training or clinical experience.  Often this results in inadequate, ineffective, even harmful counseling advice for clients.

Deborah’s extensive professional training in Nutritional Therapy; Whole Foods Cooking; Herbal Medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine; Shiatsu Massage Therapy, Physiognomy (Oriental Diagnosis), Spiritual Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Meditation; and Spiritual Development have led to her unique brand of Whole Health Coaching.  Her expertise in numerous disciplines has given her a high client success rate for healthy, fit bodies and minds; balanced, nourishing lives; and inner peace with her unique whole person approach.  Read complete Bio.

Deborah is certified in Attitudinal Healing (spiritual psychotherapy) which is a therapy used to uncover the mental/emotional and spiritual causes of your problems; how you may sabotage your efforts; and conflicting intentions that oppose your well-being.  Through Attitudinal healing your will learn to listen to your body and life in new ways to discover the hidden messages/gifts behind your problems.  She also has many years of training in Shiatsu Therapy, a therapeutic massage which is based on the same energetic principles as acupuncture and uses hands instead of needles. Yogatherapy, Meditation, Guided Visualization and Spiritual Development are other areas of her expertise.  

Deborah strives to correct imbalances and disharmonies in the body, mind, emotions, and lifestyle by eliminating the causes; healing existing degenerations, and regenerating and building the health of the entire system.  This is the only way to achieve lasting results. 

Holistic Health Counseling offers you the ability to substantially improve your health and happiness in safe, non-invasive ways.  With professional guidance and support the process can be made easier.  Deborah's programs for health are individualized and take on the direction that is mutually agreed upon by counselor and client.

Purchase an Introductory session here, or call 412.361.8600, or send an email to   


 What results can I expect?

Deborah's extensive training and clinical experience in many modalities has led to her unique brand of Whole Health counseling.  Her expertise in numerous disciplines has given her a high client success rate for healthy, fit bodies and minds; emotional harmony; balanced, nourishing lives; and inner peace with her unique whole person approach.

Clients have consistently achieved health improvements, increased energy and endurance, desired weight loss, effective stress reduction, improved mental clarity, greater flexibility, improved digestion and elimination, deeper sleep and more joyful, fulfilling lives. Our professional guidance and support will help you overcome poor health, emotional imbalances, and lifestyle problems, but also negative habits and concepts that limit your health, vitality, happiness, and a life that flows.

What is the first step?

Schedule a 30-minute Holistic Consultation/Assessment -- an excellent opportunity to discuss your challenges and goals, and have your questions answered regarding services. A few tips and a recommended program will be given.  Session can be done by phone, Skype, or Pittsburgh office.  50% of Deborah’s clients are long distance, spanning many countries.

Comprehensive 2 -hour Consultation -- You will receive a customized booklet of detailed recommendations for your specific condition and challenges. Follow-up sessions are usually necessary, and the amount of sessions is determined by the severity of your problems.  If this session is done by phone, it is divided into two one-hour sessions.



Counseling Services

Holistic Health & Life Coaching - With Deborah Barr as your own personal coach, you will:

  • Resolve Health Issues
  • Understand and eliminate the causes of your problems
  • Break through barriers and overcome fears
  • Create energy, vitality, emotional harmony
  • Replace unhealthy/unproductive habits
  • Attract new opportunities
  • Create a Balanced, Nourishing life you love
  • Make transitions more easily
  • Be accountable to your goals

Nutritional Therapy

The idea of a perfect diet for everyone does not exist and trying to find one will leave you frustrated and unhealthy.

to understand why, read 3 Reasons You're Overweight, and

Is the Raw Food Lifestyle for Everyone?

Personalized Nutrition & Holistic Therapies for:

  • Regeneration from acute, chronic, & degenerative disease
  • Offsetting the effects of pharmaceuticals and medical treatments
  • Maintenance and disease prevention
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Overweight and Underweight Conditions
  • Healthy Vegan Nutrition
  • Depression and many other Emotional Disharmonies
  • Aging with vitality, a clear focused mind, and good health

What is Nutritional Healing?

There are many popular food plans and no lack of internet advice from thousands of people who lack an understanding of food therapeutics and have little or no professional training.  Some popular plans advocate high fiber, low fat, salt and sugar; others insist on only uncooked organic fruits and vegetables; others promote high protein and exclude fiber; while others advocate primarily cooked grains and vegetables. Each has merit and help some people some of the time; however, each one is limited by a narrow and fixed way of thinking. Their ideas and methods differ, but their principle is the same: everyone should eat according to the same rules.

Good marketing sells fads to people who are desperately trying to recover good health and lose weight. Current scientific findings often contradict previous findings by the same experts. A perfect diet that will bring everyone good health does not exist and accepting this fact is a good starting point for achieving balanced health.  

There is not and never can be a universal standard for what constitutes good food. Not everyone benefits equally from foods that contain the same measure of nutrients. The appropriateness of foods cannot be determined without knowledge of the constitution and condition of the person.

Science evaluates appropriate foods solely by the presence of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Foods containing similar quantities of nutrients are considered equivalent in biological value. In addition, people are assumed to be the same physiologically, so choice of foods is simply a matter of preference within scientific quantitative guidelines. As evidenced by the rapid increase in disease and obesity in children and adults, scientific nutrition is ineffective.

In Traditional  Holistic Medicine, many factors about each client determine the most beneficial foods, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle practices. The  healing properties must be considered in relationship to one's constitutional strengths and weaknesses, medical history, activity level, stress level, and physiological responses to food. Deborah's approach tailors an eating style to support each client's health and lifestyle needs. Foods are recommended based on their correspondence with individual patterns, modified by the season, the climate, and all health conditions. Food can heal; however, one man's medicine can be poison to another.

Choosing appropriate diet based on nutritional factors alone is not enough.

Some people have dry conditions and need moistening foods; others are too damp (mucus, edema, bloating, digestive issues, obesity) and need foods to dry their condition; people with congestion need decongesting foods; people who are depleted need replenishing foods; those with hot conditions need cooling foods; and those with cold conditions need warming foods. 

In mainstream Western medicine and in the alternative health movement, nutritional recommendations are applied in a reductionist, standardized, uniform way without any regard for individual differences.

Natural remedies are safer, more effective, and less expensive than the conventional drug and surgery approach to health care. Food is a foundation medicine and can be used for overcoming personal imbalances and maximizing vitality. Food has various therapeutic properties and profoundly affects physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Just as individuals vary tremendously so do your nutritional needs, depending on the season, your age, emotional state, physical environment, and other factors. The foods that work for you at one time may not be right for you at another time. My Holistic approach does not prescribe a single regimen for all people. No two people have the same constitution and condition and your needs shift over time. You will be guided to the right nutritional choices for who and where you are right now. You will find the way to better health, improved mood, higher energy levels, greater satisfaction with meals, and ease in shedding excess pounds.

It is well worth your investment to have a consultation to determine which foods, supplements, lifestyle practices and home remedies are appropriate for you.  The right foods for you will leave you satisfied and reverse many health issues.  Schedule an Introductory Assessment Consultation or call 412.361.8600 to schedule.

You will be guided to appropriate use of foods for your unique condition and constitution. Often herbs and supplements, lifestyle factors, specific exercise modalities that are pertinent to your condition are recommended. Effective recommendations for reversing stress and lifestyle problems are part of the process.  For true healing to occur, the root cause of the problems must be treated.


Whether your issues are health, career, weight, relationships, or finances, let us help you welcome an exhilarating, healthful, abundant, and loving life through this empowering, holistic, life-changing approach to self-development.

Counseling can be done in person at Pittsburgh office or via Skype or phone from anywhere in the world. After scheduling your session, you will receive an intake questionnaire which must be returned prior to your session.  If the session is done in our Pittsburgh office, the session is two hours. You will be given a detailed booklet of guidelines and recommendations.  This is personalized for your constitution and condition.  For phone and email sessions: After reviewing your intake questionnaire, your personalized booklet will be prepared and sent to you. We will then spend 1 - 1.5 hours on the phone going over the information.

Follow-up consultations are often necessary to evaluate the suitability, to adjust your program and evaluate progress. Some recommendations are temporary to achieve specific results. Once accomplished, you will no longer them. Many problems took years to develop and it is not practical to think they will all be resolved after one session although you will receive some results pretty quickly.  A step-by-step approach ensures quicker and better results.

Payment can be made with credit cards, or by mailing a check prior to your appointment. 

Call 412.361.8600 or send an email to to schedule.


Holistic Weight Loss

Weight issues are health issues and have many dimensions. Willpower, sacrifice, deprivation and drugs are NOT part of good health or my program. Permanent weight loss success comes from working through the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual causes.

This program, created by Deborah Barr includes:

  • Customized recommendations for weight loss and balanced health
  • Creating healthy metabolism
  • Emotional and stress-related eating
  • Recognizing and transforming self sabotage
  • How your mind keeps you overweight
  • Binges, cravings, discharge and addictions
  • Removing mental/emotional resistance
  • Recognizing and reversing conflicting intentions and negative pay-offs
  • And much more.

More information on Holistic Weight Loss


Herbal Consultation - via Skype, Phone or at Pittsburgh Office

Get well with a personalized herbal formula whether you're looking for tonic herbs for prevention or herbal remedies for specific physical or emotional health problems.  Recommendations may include nutritional advice. These sessions are with Deborah Barr who has 28 years clinical experience and decades of professional training.

After scheduling your session, you will be sent an intake questionnaire which must be completed and returned prior to your session which is one hour.

A follow-up consultation may be recommended to evaluate the suitability, to adjust your program and evaluate progress.

Many of my clients use herbal remedies for their pets with very good results.

Payment can be made with credit cards, or by mailing a check prior to your appointment. 

Schedule an Introductory Assessment Consultation.   Questions? Call 412.361.8600 or  email

Attitudinal Healing

Attitudinal Healing is Spiritual Psychotherapy--spiritual in the sense that you are connected to a larger whole that is all-knowing, perfect, and unlimited. It is the source of all of life and is not separate from any you. It resides within you. Learning to access this part of yourself; distinguish its voice from your personality; and act on its guidance; are important aspects of this work. Attitudinal Healing is not about religion and will not interfere with your personal religious orientation.

All of your personal challenges have a Higher Purpose and contain gifts within them. You will be guided to understand how this applies to your struggles. Doing so will transform your challenges into what you really want.

Attitudinal Healing is a process of changing the way you perceive, understand, and react to the various elements and events in your life. Everything that shows up in your body and life has important and meaningful messages for you that will change everything for the better.

You'll learn to consciously create and attract to yourself all that you need to experience life in healthy, joyful, easier, and more abundant ways. You really can create anything  you desire. However it won't happen until you transform the obstacles. For most people,  the personal truths that guide your life are an obstacle. Most people do not know what theirs are and continually re-create the same conditions month after month and year after year.

Gain an understanding of how negative mental/emotional states work against you. You'll remove obstacles; find the positive meaning; and learn to create harmony, balance, and strength through the conflicts in your life. You'll move from crisis management to an extraordinary life that flows.

You'll learn to integrate your analytical mind with Higher Mind which will bring greater peace and a lot more of what you do want; understand how every experience has had meaning and value and holds opportunities for greater happiness. You will grow your relationship with yourself and know and understand how worthy, deserving and valuable you are. Failure to do so always creates challenges, dis-ease, unhappiness, and loss of freedom.

You will learn creative problem solving, be fully listened to, inspired, and guided toward clarity in making the changes necessary to reaching your goals. Sessions can be geared toward personal and/or professional growth.

Schedule an Introductory Assessment Consultation.  


Shiatsu Massage Therapy

A traditional bodywork practice from Japan, Shiatsu relaxes and rejuvenates, relieves pain, and supports the body's innate healing abilities. Currents of energy circulate throughout the body and flow to all vital organs. Ancient peoples mapped the lines of energy flow (meridians) and centers of energy (chakras).

Physical, mental, and emotional stresses can cause blockages and imbalances in the natural energy flow, which in turn can interfere with health. The Shiatsu practitioner systematically applies gentle pressure to points along the meridian lines, thereby releasing blockages and making adjustments in the energy flow, along with stimulating the recipient's natural self healing mechanism. Based on the principles of acupuncture using hands instead of needles.

Shiatsu is very effective for stress related problems, fatigue, poor circulation, headaches, pain and tension, emotional imbalances, sleep problems, indigestion and that out-of-balance feeling. It produces a heightened sense of well being in body, mind and spirit and leaves one peaceful, relaxed, and free of aches and pains. Sessions are 50-55 minutes. Shiatsu is done over clothing without the use of oil. Oil interferes with circulation of energy throughout the body. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and avoid eating for 1-1 1/2 hours before the session.

Shiatsu Results

"Today, the day after my shiatsu treatment with you,  I feel lively, excited about life, happy, confident, and am more efficient in my work.  I walk with a bounce in my step and fast and lively. I feel like I'm 18. My head and mind are very clear.  Many thanks for whatever you added to my treatment yesterday.  It's a wonderful life!  My attitude and outlook are much more positive."  M.F.  Pittsburgh

"I've had insomnia and lower back pain as long as I can remember. I've tried many methods from chiropractic, acupuncture, typical types of massage, even medication; nothing helped.  Your shiatsu treatments have resolved both--I am pain-free and sleeping through the night." Nick W. Ohio

"You work magic with what you do. After one session back pain is gone and has not returned. In past sessions you resolved my wrist pain, healed frequent sinus infections and made my immune system stronger.  Even when I broke my foot the swelling and pain were gone with your shiatsu treatments, and I believe you helped speed up the healing. Even my doctor was amazed. I don't know how you do it but I feel so centered, grounded, light and at peace after my sessions with you."  Joanne S., Pittsburgh


Moxibustion is a method of applying herbs with heat on or above the skin at specific acupuncture points. Warms and circulates ki, blood and fluids and stimulates with heat to alleviate blockages and correct the internal imbalance. Supports immunity and promotes healthy functioning of the organs; useful for sprains, traumas and injuries. Some of the many conditions it can help are congestion, colds, flu, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, digestive disorders, poor circulation, prostate problems, body coldness, frequent urination, low back pain, knee and joint pain, menstrual difficulties, arthritis and infertility. A very healing therapy used in the east for thousands of years. 30-45 minutes.


Cupping is a folk technique which has been, and still is, widely used in Europe and Asia. It is the treatment of disease by suction of the skin surface. A vacuum is created with cups which are attached to the body surface. The vacuum pulls inner congestion and heat in the body upwards and out. After the cups are removed the skin will appear slightly discolored or even bruised, taking several days to clear. The painful condition will be significantly relieved. Helpful for swelling, pain, congestion or stagnation of ki, blood or fluids; edema, asthma, bronchitis, dull aches and pains, arthritis, abdominal pain, painful menstruation, colds, flu, coughs. 35-40 minutes.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a safe and natural healing art. The body is reflected on the feet through a system of reflexes. The objective is to stimulate these reflexes in order to restore balance, relieve tension and aches and pains, to prevent ill health, and to assist in relaxation. Regular foot massage reestablishes harmony in the body by releasing blocked energy via the reflex points in the feet. This is included in shiatsu sessions. If you'd like a longer concentration on the feet, that is an option.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Are your employees stressed, tired, overwhelmed and sick? Happy, healthy people are more productive, creative, loyal, and enthusiastic about their work. Many lack the skills and understanding for transforming stress; achieving a clear, focused, positive mind with good concentration; emotional harmony; and actualizing good health. Coaching can be done virtually or in person.  Contact or call 412.361.8600 to discuss the best approach for your company.


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