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Taming the Voice of  Self-Sabotage with Deborah Barr

Permanently create a healthier, happier, more abundant life!

 Webinar:  June 16th, 2016, 7 p.m. eastern - Webinar is full

Entire Webinar Download will be available June 20th

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Do know what you want yet continually make choices that oppose your health, weight and lifestyle goals?  Do you repeatedly experience the same negative outcomes despite your efforts? At some level you say and believe you want to be healthier,  happier, more abundant, and more successful. At a deeper, unconscious level you may not really want this. There are many contradictions and conflicting intentions within you, and I will help you understand and reverse them.

The most significant ways you keep yourself from what you want are with your thoughts, attitudes, moods, and response to others and to life. Training your mind is one of the most effective ways to end negative habits, self sabotage, and lack of every kind. 

Master Your Mind and Experience These Benefits:

  • You'll learn to stop fighting against yourself

  • Live Your Life with More Ease and Flow

  • Feel Calm and Peaceful Rather than Stressed

  • Experience More Energy and Better Health

  • Realize Your Goals and Dreams More Quickly

Most people are aware that thoughts are self-creating, but lack the tools to transform the irrational, gloomy, negative ones, giving up too quickly. Your mind is your most valuable tool for creating anything and everything in your life. In fact, you are creating nearly everything in your life with your mind whether you are aware of it or not. To think is to create. You are powerful beyond your knowing. What good is that power if you do not know how to consciously use it?

I’ve discovered proven techniques to convert the debilitating mind babble of self sabotage into the joyful,  life-affirming, abundant, healthy you.

Have you resolved to create:

  • Much better physical, mental and emotional health

  • A slimmer, fit body

  • Healthier, more satisfying relationships with all people in your life

  • An abundance of money, time, and all good things

  • A more nourishing lifestyle

  • Fulfillment of your dreams

  • A life you love living

It doesn't matter what your goals are. This Webinar will prepare you for lasting success in all of your endeavors. Nothing much will change unless you change on the inside.

You'll learn proven techniques for: 

  • Overcoming habitual damaging mind chatter
  • Recognizing how you unconsciously create obstacles to your success
  • Transforming obstacles into a smooth and easy path
  • Taming the many voices of sabotage
  • Learning why positive affirmations are not working
  • Building a solid foundation for success in all you do
  • Understanding how pessimistic concepts are reinforced by diet
  • Breaking addiction to negative, pessimistic thinking
  • Using food to create a clear, focused, positive mind
  • Using Whole Health  tools to reclaim the healthy, abundant, joyful life  that is your birthright
  • Understanding the most effective and most overlooked tool for creating your dreams

Far too many people are suffering with unintended consequences in their health, weight, personal, and financial lives.  Your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are the means by which you create everything in your life.  Before a challenge becomes a crisis, there are indicators in your mental and emotional bodies. Mastering your mind is the best preventive medicine for all of your health, weight, emotional, money, and life issues.

Can you really tame the voice of sabotage?  

Many people have done so by consistently using my Whole Health strategies. Your degree of success depends on you and your ability to take new actions. Small, consistent changes will cause a momentum to build.  It's not all or nothing.  Start somewhere and start now! 



Success Stories


“Things have opened up for me.  Many opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine have come my way. You helped pull me through self sabotage and master the techniques. I am no longer stuck in sabotage and procrastination. I’m immersing myself more in what counts.  I was always looking outside myself for answers. Your inner practices have given me the experience of my own internal power to create good health and actualize my dreams. You helped me position myself so that I now work with focus and presence rather than drowning in negative “what-ifs.” With deep gratitude!” M.S. November, 2013


"Thank you ever so much for the blessings you have bestowed upon my life.  The wisdom that you share and the manner in which you share it are so deeply appreciated. You have allowed my navigation through a turbulent time to be focused upon hope and healing change. My prosperity flow and so much more has improved with your Holistic techniques.  Thank you for all that you are; for all that you do; for the vibrant example of joy and radiant life.  You are a light in this world of the greatest magnitude."  F. V. 2012


Are you ready to consciously design and create a healthier, happier, more abundant life--in all ways? 

If your approach is working, make the most of it. If it's not working, change it. If you're not sure how to, join me on  June 16th for some life-changing tools to get unstuck and move through your life with well-being, harmony, passion, peace, and abundance.

Participants receive the downloadable  Taming the Voice of Sabotage e-guide.  


If you prefer to Tame the Voice of Sabotage and create a healthier, happier, more abundant life  in individual sessions, schedule a Personalized Holistic Health and Nutrition Counseling or Holistic Life Coaching session.

Questions - email or call 412.361.8600


When:  Webinar,  June 16th, 2016; 7 p.m. eastern. Duration is 75 minutes'; maybe longer depending on amount of questions. Can't make the date? Register anyhow and receive the downloadable  program to work at your pace.

Visit to convert Eastern time to your time zone.

Where:  Participate from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer or other device such as tablet or smart phone to listen join the Webinar. A valid email is required to receive class materials. No travel expenses and no time away from home or office.

Cost:  $39 if paid by June 5th; $79 thereafter


Please Read Our Policy:   Fees paid for distance/Teleclasses/webinars/online courses are non-refundable.  WHR reserves the right to cancel any class when minimum registration requirements are not met and will issue 100% refunds to registered students.

About the program creator and presenter:

Deborah Barr is a 30-year Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor/Coach, speaker, and author.  She has helped thousands of clients  reverse health and weight issues; achieve emotional harmony, radiant health, passion, peaceful living, work-life balance, and a life they love.  In 1985 she founded Whole Health Resources, the premier Holistic Health Center in Pittsburgh.  WHR’s mission is to promote the healing and development of body, mind and spirit, and to teach an understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, lifestyle and wellness. She offers free help through her 2 e-newsletters, Holistic Weight Loss, and Whole Health Matters, and free holistic articles Subscribe to newsletters Click here for complete bio.



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